Our Vision and Purpose

Touching Lives in a Special Way:

Our hope in providing this retreat is to provide St. Mary's parishoners and all Catholics with an opportunity to come alive in their faith. It is open to Non-Catholics and Non-Christians as well who are sincerely seeking a meaning for their lives.

It also an opportunity to experience freedom through the forgiveness of one's sins and healing from the hurts of the past. Many experience it as the first step in discipleship and in service to the Lord and His Church.

St. Mary's Parish Mission Statement:

St. Mary's Parish is a warm and welcoming community of Catholic believers called to worship God, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, lead others into relationship with him, and grow together as his disciples.

St. Mary's Small Communities

At St. Mary's over one hundred parishoners have chosen to be part of a small home group called a small community. It is an excellent means of growth following the New Life Retreat.

These groups, ranging from eight to fifteen persons, meet in one of the member's homes each week. They gather for fellowship, prayer and worship, teaching and sharing.

The group may choose as well some means of service in their parish or neighbourhood community to do together. Sometimes they may meet on other occasions with special celebrations or events that include the whole family.

These small communities provide both a support and growth group for new and experienced Christians.

" Oh how good, how wonderful it is when brothers and sisters live as one."