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I was born and raised Catholic, yet I had been yearning...

I was born and raised Catholic, yet I had been yearning to meet God for the last few years. My faith was weak, dutiful and burdened by obligations,and prayers. I was forcing myself to do my “duty”. I was doing witnessing instead of being a witness of the Living God. I wanted to encounter the Lord to the point that I was testing Him. This was my main reason in attending the New Life Retreat. The Lord exceeded my expectations in the way He revealed Himself to me.

During the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I prayed asking the Lord to open my heart. Suddenly, I started shaking and I felt His presence. Tears were rolling down my cheeks yet my face was smiling. With a palpitating heart, I encountered the Risen Lord.
I now understand that He is present and close to me and I can meet Him and receive His Spirit, gifts and graces each and every day, if I just seek Him.