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As I look back over this weekend retreat, I am convinced...

As I look back over this weekend retreat, I am convinced that God Himself brought me to it.I am a single mother of a fourteen year old son. The miracle of this weekend is that my ex-husband (apart 10 years) was also on this retreat. Neither of us left the retreat.

On the Sunday night of the weekend I received a call from him. He was looking for our son but he wasn't home at the time.I say God had other plans. He proceeded to make amends to me for his wrongs over the past ten years and asked that I forgive him. I did and I in turn had the opportunity to make amends to him for the damage that I had caused over the years especially for my choices many years ago. It was a beautiful experience and completely unexpected. It was a work of the Holy Spirit.I will never forget this wonderful gift of forgiveness that God has given to us.

Catherine, Cornwall