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I was baptized and raised in the Presbyterian faith...

I was baptized and raised in the Presbyterian faith. I was married in a United Church. I continued my wandering in the Anglican Church. Deb (my wife) eventually felt the desire to return to her Catholic roots and found St. Mary’s. Over time, I attended some masses but restricted any desire to encounter God. Other painful experiences over the years had also made me increasingly unwilling to hear from the Lord.

While at St. Mary’s, Deb had begun her own spiritual reawakening, in part due to the New Life Retreat.Finally on the Thursday before the retreat, I called Odette, and said I would attend.

I honestly don’t know why I chose to go this particular time. However, I found myself asking Terry, my ‘shepherd’ at one point how to deal with a specific anger.Shortly thereafter at confession time, I found myself tearfully asking Father Charles to pray for the souls of our conceived but miscarried children to Jesus. Instantly, it seemed the anger melted away, and I found that I was finally able to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The sadness will always remain, but I no longer blame God.

I have always heard that God’s sense of timing is not ours. In a test of my new faith, I went to work on Monday and had told an individual that I’d had one of the most amazing weekends of my life. Well, half an hour later, I found out I was no longer employed due to company restructuring. Before the Retreat, I would have taken this news with horror, but I found myself instead taking it very calmly and instead wondering what God is saying to me to do with the opportunity. May my heart be receptive.