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This is the first time my husband and I ever went on a retreat...

This is the first time my husband and I ever went on a retreat.
The talks were wonderfully inspirational in coming to know Jesus and God in a more intimate way. I learned that conversion is an ongoing process.

My pastoral shepherd provided compassion and friendship unlike any Iíve previously experienced. I think we will continue to be friends. I have prayed for a new friend for a very long time.
I felt very frightened about the ďprocessĒ of receiving the Holy Spirit, and even more uncomfortable with the subsequent small group activities. As I was being prayed over to receive the Holy Spirit, my heart pounded wildly. I felt a bit heavy in the legs, and I didnít know if I was hot or cold. As I listened to people around me, I felt the urge to run away, but I stayed. I donít really know what I felt. That evening, at home I still felt kind of cold and in need of warmth and comfort. I decided to take a bath. I even felt odd at doing this, because baths usually do not agree with me Ė Iím strictly a shower kind of person. As I reclined in the warmth and the foam, a very soft whisper arose from somewhere within me. It emerged as whispered words, then spoken phrases and sentences. I stayed there several minutes and continued to speak in strange words. I had received the gift of tongues. Upon getting my robe, I got my husband and shared my gift with him. He said after, that I had glowed, just like his mother glowed when she was about to pass away.

The next day, I spoke and spoke and spoke. It was as though everything in me thatís been hurtful or suppressed was uncorked. I felt healing, love, and peace. I identified with how Job might have felt when his trials were over. That night, the last night of our retreat, when it was time to share our experiences, I was very reluctant. I really did not know what to say about myself. It wasnít until the Lord put a thought into my mind and asked me to deliver a prayer to everyone that I was able to share my speech in tongues. The Lord spoke to the group through me. A fellow parishioner was able to tell me what the Lord had said.

The day after the retreat ended, quite unexpectedly, I have had many opportunities to be alone. I have spoken and spoken and spoken: ďuncorkingĒ, praying, being made to laugh, and singing beautiful songs, all in a wondrous language given by God. All the while a seed is growing. It has to do with praying over people. I wonder what else God has in store for me.

What has Jesus done for me? He has entered me into a new life of conversion, service, and worship. All honor and praise be to you, my heavenly Father.
Angie, Spencerville