New Life Retreat Overview

What's it all about?
The New Life Retreat is an opportunity to meet Jesus and come into a personal relationship with Him. It is also a means to refresh or renew a relationship that may have lost its enthusiasm or zeal. It could be described as a more in-depth version of the Life in the Spirit seminar.

It is an opportunity for Catholics to renew the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. The sacraments, however, are not a prerequisite to participation. During the weekend, participants may respond to Jesus' invitation to be Saviour and Lord of their lives.

The retreat has three main parts. In the first session, retreatants are invited to say "Yes" to Jesus as Saviour; renew their Baptism; and convert from sin, the works of Satan, and all resentments, hatred and grudges. (Acts 2:38)

In the second session, participants are invited to say "Yes" to Jesus as Lord of their lives; renew their Confirmation; and pray for a new release of the Holy Spirit as power from on high, in order to live as the Lord's disciples (Baptism in the Holy Spirit).

In the third session, those who have said "Yes" to the first two invitations are called to Remain and Persevere in their new life with Jesus by remaining and persevering in Church and Community. (Acts 2:42)

Ten (10) days after the retreat, participants gather to celebrate the Eucharist together at a special teaching mass officiated by Fr. Roger or Fr. Tim.